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Urban population is set to grow tremendously hence a lot of things in smart cities will happen automatically, be it an application of the clinic based on the data from the fitness bracelet or a sign up for a medical examination to clean the trash can according to the data from the sensors. Public Wi-Fi is an integral part of the urban connectivity through which digital infrastructure that is being deployed in major cities around the world, for example, Artificial intelligence with the support of Wi-Fi will identify people with weapons in the crowd, and will send the fire brigade to go to the place before the call of eyewitnesses – on a signal from video cameras. So, now let us look into The Role of Public Wi-Fi in Urban Connectivity along with Reliable Mobile Network Monitoring Tools, Mobile Network Drive Test Tools, Mobile Network Testing Tools and Reliable Best wireless site survey software, site survey tools for wireless networks & Wifi site survey software app in detail.

There are certain technological advancements like the internet of things, artificial intelligence, and data analytics when they connected to Wi-Fi technology that can address multiple problems of the smart cities by helping them to growing at a tremendous pace. Governments across the world are public wi-fi technologies to address urban problems and turn the cities into smart cities to enable better living conditions for the citizens.

Public Wi-Fi is very important because internet access for all cannot be provided only through mobile data or private Wifi – can change life in the city, infrastructure management and give new opportunities to private and public companies. Though public Wi-Fi can be easily accessed from various locations such as parks, libraries, shopping malls, restaurants, and public transportation stations, it enables commuters to stay connected to the internet so that public can communicate with their friends and family, regardless of their financial situation and location. From video call platforms, social media outlets, friends and family can connect more easily than ever before. For people who are not physically located near their community or have family members in other countries, the internet with the help of public wi-fi provides them with opportunities such as video call platforms, social media outlets. This will make friends and family can connect more easily than ever before by avoid a bridge of connection.

Importance of public wi-fi technology –

  • Citizen safety and security: Surveillance cameras and security systems across the city can get better connectivity with the help of public Wi-Fi so that safety requirements of citizens can thus be addressed appropriately and on time.
  • International tourism: When it comes to tourism, smart cities provide better infrastructure for tourists with the help of public Wi-Fi – help them with the ability to move around the city by checking directions and timetables of public communication, give access to information on important locations or even emergency alerts for municipal services.
  • Controls road traffic and utilities: One of the main areas Wi-Fi is transforming is transportation, incorporated with networked video cameras, touch sensors, smart fare terminals and other gadgets – these will help analyze traffic in public transport by suggesting new interchanges, adjust the number of buses, reschedule stops, etc. Wi-Fi allows you to plan urban infrastructure by controlling traffic on the roads – there is an intelligent transportation system that is based on gadgets installed on roads, but also on cameras and GPS devices installed in a taxi.
  • Smart parking: Since the registration of new cars is increasing across the world, hence there is an increase in demand for parking space. In this context, finding a parking space will create time and fuel consuming hence apps are getting developed that help people in finding parking spot using sensors which connect to the required app to let you know which spaces are available in use. Public Wi-Fi will also play an important role in enabling the driver to pay for their parking with the touch of a button.


Though public wi-fi networks play an important role in urban life or smart city life, network testing through RantCell tool is needed to conduct. With RantCell, you can measure network coverages, speed, and latency by installing the tool from any device. RantCell is easy to use, convenient to perform tests and save you time and money.