How to make a quality business email template: examples of business email template

A simple and clear business email template is the most effective method of working with this area of internet marketing. Compose a competent template for automated online communication with the client – business email template.

Writing the introduction and the main part

The introduction in an email is the most important part of it. This part of the email should make the reader continue reading it. And this is not an easy task. But originality is not needed here. It is important to follow strict and simple rules of business communication:

  • write the most general, basic information about what you offer the potential client;
  • the information must be structured – the name of the service or product, how to use it, its benefits, etc. all these points should be made briefly, concisely and meaningfully;
  • provide basic information about yourself and explain the reason for the message.

The first email creates a connection between the company and the client. And the call to action is a necessary part of completing the message.

Telling the customer that they can contact the company if they have any questions is a good way to start a dialogue.

Templates for the first letter to a client: two different samples

Good morning, (client name),

I would like to introduce myself. My name is (name), and I am from (company), which operates in the (direction, subspecialty) market. We understand the importance of (topic that relates to the client’s needs).

(The following can be expanded on the main advantages of the proposed cooperation, but briefly and meaningfully).

If you are interested in our services, please contact me at (contact information). Regards to (name)

(Contact information)

(email address, phone number)

Another variant of a similar starter letter. It is more extended and contains slightly different information.

Good afternoon to (name).

I am (name and title briefly). We are a company that specializes in (specify the direction) and we work to (specify the typical problem you help clients deal with, there can be several versions of this phrase).

I was wondering if you could be open to an initial meeting, a communication to determine if we could start a partnership?

We’ve worked with companies like (list 2-3 clients that the client may know or can learn about their work) in order to (list the client’s typical goal).

If you have a few minutes to learn more about us, you can learn about our work and our services here (specify website, page). We can make an appointment or discuss collaboration in a way that is convenient for you.

Thank you for your attention to our proposal.

(name, contacts).