How Using a Mobile Printer can Increase Efficiencies in Your Warehouse

If you are running a warehouse, you will want to find ways to reduce costs and improve productivity while maintaining profitability and meeting the expectations of customers. One of the ways you can increase warehouse efficiency is to use high-quality TSC warehouse printers. Read on to know how this is possible:

Improve Warehouse Operations

Usually, warehouse operations are labour-intensive and have many inefficiencies. Indeed, using mobile printers to print at the point of use saves time and enhances labelling accuracy in a lot of warehouse processes such as the following:

  • Receiving. A mobile printer allows productivity gains and improvements in accuracy by eliminating the manual, round-trip process in the receiving area. It lets operators label items in the receiving area. A mobile printer makes it possible to work in different work environments, which means warehouses can receive and label big, bulky items in the receiving yard or port dock. 
  • Quality assurance. With a mobile printer, inspectors can create clear, legible labels of samples used for quality assurance. This reduces the risk of misidentified items. There will be no waiting and careless mistakes. Additionally, QA pros can label samples with a pass or fail status at the point of testing. Because inspectors make labels as they work, they apply the right status to the correct part to ensure full transparency across the entire supply chain. 
  • Cross-docking. Mobile printers allow shipping and receiving staff to take control of the cross-docking process. Once the incoming shipment is logged into the inventory control system, the printer generates an RFID shipping or barcode label. 
  • Putaway. Usually, warehouse putaway tasks suffer from delays because of time spent at centralised printers and routing turnaround. A mobile printer can significantly improve processing time. 
  • Picking. A mobile printer lets operators simultaneously pick several orders within one small zone, minimising empty travel time and increasing productivity. 
  • Packaging and shipping. After product packaging, mobile printers can generate labels for identifying the finished goods. Also, a mobile printer can be used for managing ship-to-order operations. In this application, items are labelled with an order code during the picking or packaging stage to associate them with certain customers. 

Save Time and Save Money

The ability to print at the point of use using a mobile printer provides solutions that boost warehouse labelling cos-effectiveness, productivity, and convenience. By using mobile printers, operators get rid of the bottlenecks and improve accuracy, leading to better manufacturing performance, supply chain operations, and warehouse management.