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Media Server Or Media Extender – Which Do You Want?

While using new gadgets you are getting for the home network it’s really a little confusing. A few in the names and acronyms may become like a blur some occasions.

Would you like to stream videos, music along with other files to a different computers within your house network but you are under sure how you have to do it. While searching around you might have encounter two much the same sounding terms.

Media server and media extender.

Both perform close to the same function diversely.

Media Server

A media server is essentially additional safe-keeping for your network. It’s frequently a difficult disk or volume of hard drives connected with a few electronics to interact with the files you store about this easily from across your network. It’s not a considerable full-fledged computer but very close. Media servers can also be refereed to as Network Attached Storage or NAS in a nutshell. Most Media Servers include support software will conserve the computers within your network.

Media servers are often configured within the built-in web interface you will get simply by entering the devices Ip into you internet browser and entering passwords. Usually you’ll connect a NAS device for that router getting an ethernet cable which enables you to definitely certainly hop on wirelessly while using router.

Media Extender

The term “extender” during this context implies that you are “extending” convenience media files on your computer for that TV and residential entertainment center. Once your PC relates to some media center extender it might be kind of such as the Media Server mentioned above. The large difference is very of streaming its data along with other computers across the network it converts the information on your computer having a format which can be utilized utilizing your High definition tv.

You can now access all of your music, video and movie files from all your family members room through an on the internet and convenient menu alternatives in your Television screen! For people who’ve an XBOX360 or Playstation3 you have a really media extender!

Some high-finish routers have a very built-on television server. This frequently doesn’t include storage regardless of the sort. What you’ll receive is really a built-in USB port you can plug memory sticks and exterior storage devices into. The information across the exterior device will be shared to devices within your network. In relation to performance this type of method is slower a separate or standalone server.