Rugged Tablets Built for Challenging Environments

The use of Mobexx rugged tablets may be found in a variety of fields, such as logistics and transportation, construction, and emergency services, to name just a few. Rugged Tablets can withstand rough use and helping businesses streamline their communication among teams and departments, as well as improve the effectiveness of operations that take place in the field every day.

Rugged Tablets for Transport and Logistics

The logistics sector is one that has profited from this technological advancement. Because there is always a desire for prompt and precise delivery, businesses today must be picky when selecting technology to find a solution that meets their needs in terms of efficacy, safety, and a reasonable return on investment. It has been shown that rugged tablets are helpful in managing communication and deliveries as well as employees and field workers, which ultimately results in an increase in productivity. Mobexx have the Rugged Tablets you need such as the FM07 Vehicle Mount PC for transport or the FM08 for Logistics.

Rugged Tablets for Medical Care 

Responders can carry rugged tablets to offer rapid access to patient details, including medication and insurance status. This makes it possible for responders to obtain patient records quickly and efficiently. While still on their way to the hospital, emergency medical personnel can email patient information, insurance data, and treatment eligibility checks using a rugged tablet. For example, look at one of our favourite Rugged Tablets used in medical care environments such as the E500RM8-ME – Fully rugged 5” hand-held built to perform in clinical environments with anti-microbial housing.

Rugged Tablets for Construction

Workers in the construction sector do their duties in a broad variety of settings and on a wide variety of projects. Some of these projects may have benefited from the use of Rugged Tablets such as the JLT Verso 10 or the M101 Windows Tablet.

Therefore, whether it is a road project, housing, or massive infrastructure job, there is a need for more complex industrial resistant devices that are both adaptable and durable. The adoption of robust industrial tablets has resulted in the streamlining of internal business procedures within the construction sector, which lead to higher efficiency and productivity as well as the completion of projects in a shorter amount of time.

Why Choose Mobexx for Your Company Rugged Tablets?

Mobexx is the world’s first one-stop shop for all the needs of rugged, ATEX, and healthcare mobile computers, including rugged tablets, tough PDAs, and rugged handheld devices. We work closely with our clients, who include software companies, resellers, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), all over the globe to provide cutting-edge solutions and a comprehensive set of services. Industrial computers, in-vehicle computers, fixed personal computers, and Clinical 4K screens are all part of our broad product catalogue.

Our primary area of competence is in the design and manufacture of computers and displays that are classified as rugged, ultra-rugged, ATEX Certified, and Healthcare Certified. We provide a comprehensive selection of standard items that are adaptable to a wide variety of uses and build bespoke hardware for the OEM partners we work with. In addition to such services, we also provide others such as inspections and training for product compliance, as well as maintenance and financial solutions.