SME VoIP Phone Systems

Numerous small businesses have entrusted us with their telecom needs, and we have successfully assisted them all, from rapidly expanding start-ups to well-established companies and everything in between.

We were able to assist each of these organisations in locating the small business phone system that was most suited to meet their requirements, and we were also able to modify their systems as their businesses evolved.

Choose Appropriate Business Telephones for Small and Medium Enterprises

Telephones are a big component of a small company phone system that bears the highest weight in importance. It is all too easy to become mired down in the intricacies of this situation; nevertheless, the most important item to consider is usability. Will everyone in your organisation be able to use the phone easily from the very first day it is implemented? We propose phone systems from NEC – Enterprise for your enterprise for easy telecom needs.

Making the switch to a small business VoIP phone system designed for businesses will make managing your small business’s communications much easier. Consolidating your communications offers several benefits, which are applicable regardless of whether you require tools for call management such as call forwarding and call logs or collaboration tools like as conference call services and online meetings.

Benefits of UNIVERGE SV9100 for SME Phone Systems

Obtain real-time feedback on your performance with this phone system.

Customer service will be at the centre of everything that you do; have you ever wanted to know exactly how good you are at taking calls, how long clients have to wait before speaking with a member of your team, or when your busiest periods are? Providing excellent customer service will be at the heart of everything that you do.

This information may be quite useful in strengthening the interaction and communication you have with the individuals that call your organisation. It can also enable you to save expenses by allowing you to better understand how well your employees are performing.

The fantastic news is that NEC’s SV9100 system provides you with all of this, and you can even schedule pdf reports to be automatically emailed to your email inbox on a regular basis.

Having a reception when you really need one

The NEC SV9100 system ensures that individuals who contact your company have a positive experience from the outset. Allow other team members to effortlessly cover reception during quieter moments, and swiftly transfer calls utilising click-to-dial technology. With the many modes and flexibility provided by the SV9100 digital telephone system, colleagues may even fill the reception job from their own desk.

UNIVERGE SL2100 Phone System for SME

More functionalities already built with the Univerge SL2100 in means less optional add-ons that you have to pay for. This results in a reduced number of licences, pieces of hardware, and choices that need payment. The SL2100 is also designed to expand along with your company, making it both cost-effective and expandable for incremental improvements.

Utilize your already existing smartphone as a system extension, complete with call control and video conferencing, with the help of the Smartphone Client. You can save money on the cost of mobile calls by using a Wi-Fi network, and you will still only need one number to be reached.

Low needs for IT maintenance
Help keep IT expenses low with a system that doesn’t require any maintenance and doesn’t cause any hassles. Save money on possible company losses and save expenses associated with downtime with this genuinely dependable solution.