Why Archiving Text Messages Matter

Text messaging has become a fundamental part of businesses. Texting is one of the most popular forms of communication due to its convenience and availability. Because of increased use for professional purposes, various enterprises have turned to messaging applications that can cater to their needs. And while they enjoy reaping the benefits, businesses also keep records through text message archiving. The question is, why?

Message Archiving: A Crucial Aspect

As an entrepreneur, you know how much information is sent and received through company texts. These messages contain data from your employees, customers, and business partners. In a company, every bit of information is necessary to collect. They are used for everyday decision-making, regulatory compliance, evidence for legal matters, and many more.

Using a text message archiver allows you to record all messages sent to and from your company efficiently. It is necessary to retain them, along with proper management and storage of collected data. Not only does it enforce your company’s security and reputation, but archived messages also act as an irrefutable source of truth.

Why Text Messaging Archiving is Important

Regulatory Compliance

The number one reason why businesses archive texts are compliance. Similar to emails and other documents containing professional information, texts are considered business records and, thus, must be kept. Organizations keep enterprises under heavy regulations, including:

  • SEC
  • GDPR (EU)

Along with these organizations, regulatory requirements may vary worldwide depending on a country’s laws. While these can be difficult to navigate, keeping an archive of your company’s text messages will reduce your risk of violations.

Establish the Truth

You’ll never know if you need text-based evidence to present in court in case of a legal case involving you and your company. Or perhaps an audit or employee misconduct investigation is conducted, and you need a single source of truth. Text message archives can answer all these since recorded conversations cannot be tampered with or manipulated.

Gain Access to Older Content

Text message archiving is beneficial when an employee leaves your organization. They’ll usually take everything they had, and you won’t be accessing their device to browse past conversations. 

Failure to keep an archive of text interactions is an effective way to lose trust and damage relationships with your customers since you don’t have records that entail their situation. 

With a text archiving solution, you and your employees will benefit from gaining access to older content. These can be used to deal with existing conditions, make future decisions, and reduce the burden of data retrieval for the IT department.

Discover Business Insight

For businesses, data is everything. Storing and analyzing collected information from finance to operations contributes tremendously to decision-making. Text messages recorded and archived are great sources of insight into your company’s next biggest step. Customer interactions can help you streamline your marketing strategy by analyzing how their message reception. Moreover, you can draw valuable conclusions from your archives, such as in management, audit, and many more.

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